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You can help too!
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As we continue to serve families with children your assistance is essential.

Pregnancy Aid's needs are funded by private contributions of time, money and in-kind donations. Our needs vary by location. Sometimes we need more people to help out during office hours. Sometimes we need help with computer work, putting together cribs, making sure cribs and care seats are safe, etc.

Even a couple of hours a week is appreciated!

If you can help as a volunteer, working in one of our offices, or even in your own home, please visit, call, or write your nearest office for a volunteer application. Some volunteers work with clients. Some sew at home, others help with fund-raising while others provide a variety of support services. Both professional and non-professional services are welcome.

Find an office near you and join our mission to help our communities!

We care about families and children

The most important service that Pregnancy Aid offers is the friendship and concern we have for every person who contacts us. Your family will receive the care and respect that you deserve.

Volunteers share their time and experience providing positive role models to strengthen family values within our community.

  • No judgments made
  • No strings attached
  • No charge to you

Come chat with us

Call the office closest to you to find a time to visit.

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